One Year

It’s fascinating to me how we continuously exclaim about how time has passed. Time seems to be a very concrete and yet very abstract concept that we just can’t quite get our minds around. In the last week we have been exclaiming disbelief that Tuesday marked one year since we returned to the States. Our travel wasn’t officially over until mid-May when we were back in our home, but this time last year was the beginning of our transition back to American culture and into our new life. It is a new life in some ways–we were definitely changed by the experience of eight months of travel and we do live and think differently as a result.

On Tuesday I commented to John that I was feeling a bit sad and some of the feelings of mourning were on the surface. His response was great as he reminded me that one year home means we are one year closer to the next time we take a year off and travel. His positive spin gave me just the perspective I needed. We do have the goal for making another trip and hopefully many more similar trips in the future.

The flight to the US from Doha, Qatar to JFK in NYC.

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  1. Hey John & Erin! So I have been a little negligent at keeping up with your blog, but we share this amazing bond of travel and I just had to comment. Yeah, Spanky and I always find ourselves going “Ah, we were *HERE a year ago.” It is nuts how time flies! Hope all is well with you two! Great garden xxx

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