Our Journey

Leg 1
Travel down HWY 101 from northern Oregon coast to San Fransisco, CA. Head over to Yosemite for a bit to backpack and see the sights. Return home for a few days of rest, laundry, and visits with friends and family.

Leg 2
Fiji – Chill for two weeks in the Yasawa Islands.

Leg 3
New Zealand – Explore both North and South Islands over two months.

Leg 4
SE Asia – Relax on the beaches of Thailand, volunteer in Cambodia, experience Vietnam and Laos, and finish up in Northern Thailand.

Leg 5
Africa – Spend time with friends in South Africa and see the beauty of the country. Reunite with another good friend in Kenya, go on safari, climb Mt. Kenya (fingers crossed), and end our international travel relaxing on a beach.

Leg 6
Back to the US.


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