Team Tri

Last Saturday friends Tami, Laura, and I (Erin) competed in the 2010 Albany Aquatics Association Sprint Triathlon as a relay team. I hadn’t known that you could do a triathlon as a team, but as I looked around almost every triathlon offers that option. It was great to only have one-third of the responsibility of the race and to really put it all out there in my one section. We had fun competing together with only one incident involving me slamming on the brakes of my bike and subsequently eating the pavement with my elbow and hip (thankfully the bike was not damaged!).

Laura and I are now six weeks into a 12 week training program which gets a relatively fit someone ready to participate in a sprint triathlon. It has been a really fun challenge and so cool to see yourself improving, especially in the swim category where I had a pretty low level of fitness and confidence. We are really glad to have participated in the Albany race and we learned a ton from the experience. We’ll be competing individually in the Blue Lake Triathlon outside of Portland on June 5 and look forward to meeting this training goal!

Thanks John and Keith for coming and cheering us on and documenting the race! (More pics on Facebook)

"Team Macander" finishing together

Icing the elbow at home

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