525,600 minutes

If you know the song from the musical Rent, you’ll recognize the title of this post, “525,600 minutes” is a lyric from “Seasons of Love.” The song came up on my Pandora station the other day (Glee Cast station, if you must know) and the sentence, “How do you measure a year in the life?” struck me. Probably resonating with passing of our one year of being back from travel, I started thinking about it and the first thing that came to mind was PHOTOS! We have way too many photos, but we love coming to the blog and looking back over the year of travel and now a year of non-travel and seeing the highlights in full color photos.

From there I started thinking about another one year anniversary we are celebrating soon–the start of our photography business Photo Macy. It’s kind of cool that our nearly one year celebration of a photography business should align with our first photo show, starting this Friday and lasting through the end of the month. We’ll be taking part in Newberg’s First Friday ARTwalk, which happens every month. Our stuff will be at the Pitter Patter Children’s Consignment shop–a newer shop in town that’s carries gently used maternity, baby, and kid items. It’s worth checking out and definitely meets the desire (I think) of the greater community to re-use what we can!

If you’re around and want to see the photography display for yourself, First Friday runs from 5-9pm. We won’t be there the whole time, but we plan to make an appearance during the evening. See what else is going on at Pitter Patter during the evening and other First Friday evenings at: www.newbergartwalk.com

Here’s one image you just might see on Friday…

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