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It’s Parade Time!

This May in Oregon we are experiencing a weather anomaly. Typically this time of the year, which coincides with the annual Rose Festival, brings us rain with intermittent periods of sunshine. It’s one of those local jokes when the rain comes … Continue reading

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‘Tis a gift to be simple, ’tis a gift to be free

After nearly nine months of having only the items that we could carry on our backs and in our hands, it has been quite a shift to re-enter a home that can hold up to 1100 square feet of stuff. … Continue reading

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Yep, that’s the number of photos and video taken over the past 8 months.  We did realize that the stop animation was included and possibly padded the stats by 3000 or so.  Don’t worry we won’t subject anyone to a … Continue reading

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Tip Top

It’s hard to summarize our journey into bullet pointed lists. There were very few, if any, truly bad experiences so as we think back through each country and each city, there is a highlight or fun memory from nearly every … Continue reading

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Playing in the Dirt

Although we are still working on the inside of the house, this past week we have had the perfect weather to work on the outside of the house. Thankfully our friends did some major work on the yard prior to … Continue reading

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The Beard

Warning: If you don’t want to see John’s face grow for the next minute and a half then we would warn you not to watch this video. Due to copyright laws I have no music for this video so you … Continue reading

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Slow Movin’

On Sunday after attending our Grandma’s 90th birthday party we officially were back in our house for the first time in nine months.  After making a mess out of our garage and finding mouse droppings in our box spring we decided … Continue reading

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The Stats

As you can imagine, in 210 days of international travel, and 248 total days of travel, we have some pretty serious stats. Here’s a collection of numbers we have been keeping…   Regarding transportation, we took this number of the … Continue reading

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We are back

Check out the homecoming photos at John’s parent’s blog. We aren’t technically back on the grid yet–there is some freedom in not having a cell phone.  We will be easing back into things slowly and starting the job search soon, … Continue reading

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Taking Notice

There is much we have been processing over the past two weeks we have been back in the country. Some things are heavier than others and it is interesting just to notice all of the things that seem out of … Continue reading

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