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2012 Year In Review

I’m pretty sure if we didn’t have calendars or photographs I would be completely useless in remembering what in the world took place over the past year. A little scared to see how two kids alters my brain power! In … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving – Part Dos – Juarez

Each of the three years we have been to Juarez for Thanksgiving we have had similar experiences, but also very distinctly different experiences. Some of the differences have to do with the particular group of people assembled for the build, … Continue reading

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Amor por Juarez

We are getting our feet back on the ground after another great Thanksgiving down south of the US border. It’s amazing all of the activity, energy, thoughts, relationship, fun, and good food you can pack into such a short trip! … Continue reading

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Juarez Bound

Juarez, Mexico is not your typical vacation spot, yet we hope to make it the spot we commonly spend our Thanksgiving holiday. This year will be our second time back to a colonia about 30km outside of Juarez–relatively the same … Continue reading

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525,600 minutes

If you know the song from the musical Rent, you’ll recognize the title of this post, “525,600 minutes” is a lyric from “Seasons of Love.” The song came up on my Pandora station the other day (Glee Cast station, if … Continue reading

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One Year

It’s fascinating to me how we continuously exclaim about how time has passed. Time seems to be a very concrete and yet very abstract concept that we just can’t quite get our minds around. In the last week we have … Continue reading

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I believe it was our friend Rachel, perhaps in collaboration with others, who coined the acronym “FDFT” which stands for “Friends Doing Fun Things.” If you add a second “T” at the end, which I like to do, you tack … Continue reading

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