Two weeks ago we packed up and drove north to Bellingham with John’s cousin, Derin, and his wife, Andra, and Jasper, their chocolate lab, to visit John’s Uncle Daryl and Aunt Stacey. Bellingham has been part of our relationship for almost eight years, starting back when we were first dating. I flew to Seattle from Dallas, TX, he picked me up and we stayed at Daryl and Stacey’s house with Derin and Andra and then met them out in the San Juan Islands the next day. We’ve been up to stay in Bellingham about every other year since then, including an overnight on our honeymoon. It has stuck with us and we really like it!

Somehow it is always gorgeous when we’re there and this weekend was no different. With blue skies and temperatures in the mid-60s we took full advantage of the weather spending the majority of the time outside playing games, sitting by either one of the two outdoor fireplaces, going for walks and bike rides on the trail system, exploring the fantastic farmers’ market, reading, talking and catching up, and eating. It was a great weekend!

We also had the privilege of hearing Paul Young, author of “The Shack” at the Cornwall Church on Saturday night. We have both read the book, but had never heard Mr. Young speak before. He gave a very authentic and transparent talk that you can listen to HERE, if you’re interested. Regardless of your view of the book, it was an impactful talk.

A relaxing time with great company made this three day weekend feel like a mini-vacation!

Derin, Stacey, John and Erin try out the hula station at the farmers' market

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