Going Backwards

Sometimes you have to go backwards in order to move forward and this is one of those occasions. (Or, perhaps I am being inspired by Benjamin Button, which we recently watched for the first time…) We are climbing out of the hustle of the holidays and a full fall of photography and hoping to catch up on documenting life. Yesterday I posted about New Years Eve and today is Christmas!

This is the second year we have had both Macy and Hatch families living in the same city–we are so grateful for this–and are learning how to “do” holidays in a new way. We had the added bonus this Christmas of one of Erin’s sisters and her family joining us all the way from Fairbanks, Alaska! Our celebrating began Christmas Eve with the annual fancy breakfast. Usually this takes place at The London Grill, the restaurant of The Benson Hotel downtown Portland, but this year we opted to stay close to home and eat at JORY (which can be seen from our backyard). Crab cakes benedict were enjoyed by many (not by me!) and the meal was gorgeous, as seen below!

We do have to show off Sage’s Christmas Eve outfit, which Sherry made from an old sweater. The coolest!

A little Christmas Eve family photo session:

From JORY we headed to our house where we exchanged stocking gifts…

The rest of Christmas Eve was spent prepping for Christmas Day and enjoying the Christmas Eve service at NFC, which John played in this year.

Christmas itself was fun and definitely different having a kid! We seriously debated on whether or not to get Sage gifts, knowing she really would have no clue what was going on or care in the least. (I mean, the girl didn’t hardly even blink at the Christmas tree!) The whole of Christmas Day was spent with the Hatch family. Unfortunately our six-year-old niece came down with a stomach bug and spent the day quite uncomfortable. Not her best Christmas. It quickly passed to the rest of us and we all had a touch of it over the next couple of days. By mid-week we were through it and ready to get out and have some fun. The rest of the week was spent going to the movies, bowling, the Portland Children’s Museum; watching football and basketball; playing Spot It! and doing puzzles; and just hanging out.

In the end, we actually bought Sage two gifts–an activity doll and a toy cell phone–but did not give her either. She was so overwhelmed by all the fun gifts grandparents and aunts and uncles showered her with that it seemed better for us to save her gifts for her birthday in two months. That’s a win-win, I’d say!

It was a fun Christmas and we were so thankful to be able to enjoy it with so much family (and we really missed the family who couldn’t make it)! Oh, and my best gift? John gave me a day off–from 8am to 5pm on a weekday, he will take a vacation day and take care of Sage while I go out and do anything I please. Also promised was one movie ticket and a popcorn. Pretty awesome, right!?

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