Delve in to 2012

Delve in to 2012 was the best rhyming motto we could come up with for the new year and we did our best to delve into fun at our New Year’s Eve party. This New Year’s Eve was celebrated in the traditional manner dating back to, hmmm… I don’t know, 2007, I believe: Sleepover! As a result of Pete and Linsey’s purchase of a winter sports Kinect game, we went with a Winter Olympics themed evening. Several attendees came in Olympic/Winter athlete attire and a parade of athletes kicked off the games, complete with Olympic theme music. Just about everyone got in on the biathlon, bobsled, and ski jump events, which was followed by a Kinect dance off.

And, of course, we took a break to watch the ball drop (on three hour tape delay) in Times Square, bang on pots and pans in the street, sing Auld Lang Syne, ooh and ahh and the neighborhood fireworks, and watch some of the Rockin’ New Years West Coast party.

Some of our favorite things about sleepovers on NYE is that you don’t have drive home when you’re really tired and that you get to hang out all morning with friends, eat breakfast, and be lazy! John and I didn’t get to participate in as much of the laziness as we once did since Sage was awake half the night, but we still very much got to enjoy being with friends and eating an amazing quiche and muffin breakfast!

Some action shots from the evening Olympic events:

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