The Oregon State Fair

As is tradition, we spent Labor Day with family and friends at the Oregon State Fair. It’s always a fun time seeing the farm animals, voting at the Photography Exhibit, eating as much deep fried food as you can manage, watching the shows (Lumberjacks and Hypnotist were our two shows this year), looking at the cakes and table settings in the Oregon building, avoiding the eyes of the sales people in the Commercial Building, finishing things off with a milkshake from the Dairy Women of Oregon, and just absorbing the smells, sights, and people around you.

This year was particularly entertaining as our friend Molly was committed to trying to be hypnotized. She was successful and, along with the other 10 or so folks, entertained us for a good half hour. We go to the Hypnotist show nearly every year, but having someone on stage that you know gave new life to the show and we got the “behind the scenes” perspective after it was all said and done.

A few glimpses of the day:

What would the fair be without Grandma Edna?

Eric's first ice cream cone of the day...not his last

Molly was not happy that her "horse" was shot dead

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