VW Campervan

Since we first hired a campervan in New Zealand, we have been talking about what it would be like to own one and debating on if a campervan was the right choice or a tent trailer. In New Zealand there are so many different kinds of campervans–Mazda, Toyota, VW, etc–but here we really have the one option of a VW. Having never tried the VW (but had “van envy” any time a Eurovan would cross our paths) we thought it’d be fun to try one out. Also, we have been trying to get away once a month, making the most of our pre-baby months, so it was a good way to get out of town. Some friends of ours own a VW and rent it out so we worked out a deal and a few days later we were heading east to Big Lake Campground, just west of Sisters.

Over the weekend at least 50% of our conversation was centered on weighing the pros and cons of campervans. We’re still not totally decided and now we need to rent a tent trailer to give equal representation to the other side, but it was fun and novel and a lot warmer than tent camping!

If you’re interested in giving camper-vanning a try and want to rent one, let us know and we can connect you with the owners of this van!

"Chopping" Wood

Look Familiar?

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2 Responses to VW Campervan

  1. Amy says:

    Nice to see some new posts. The camper van looks and sounds great! I loved your landscape photos at the end of the photo set and the picture of you two at sunset/rise (?). Good idea to make the most of your pre-baby weekends. 🙂

  2. Allison says:

    So my DREAM car is a VW Van. I would love one. Nates parents have a westfalia that we borrowed when we lived in portland. Our twocents is that you don’t really need all the cooking stuff. You have your backpacking stove or your coleman which works just fine. Also we found with kids you have to take the car seats out to put the bed down and then put them somewhere and then put them back in when you want to drive somewhere. A little inconvientent. So if you are going to get a van I would suggest getting a passenger van with bucket seats and a pop top. You can sleep in the back and then have the kids in the bucket seats. Just our 2cents.
    Nate thinks the older ones you might as well mail us $100 bucks a month and drive around in a half way reliable vehicle. They are to druel over. They have me there. They are the ‘cool mini van in my book. Or the only ‘mini van’ I would get .
    Good memories in the vw van ahhhh good memories. Thats what keeps the desire alive.

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