Halloween seems to look different every year. For several years we celebrated at a regular party hosted by our friends at the 709 house. We knew we’d always find the annual costume contest, karaoke, limbo, and more food than anyone should consume in one evening. Once a good handful of those attending started having little ones and there were only like seven us of at the party we realized a new plan was in order. Each year from there has been different–one year we got together and watched the the scariest movies we could handle–“The Goonies” and “Monster House”–while we took turns passing out candy. Another year we pushed our Halloween partying off a week and then got together for a killer (pun intended) Murder Mystery dinner. Last year John and I spent Halloween in Taupo, New Zealand indulging in New Zealand lollies. This year brought forward a new idea… cosmic bowling. Our costumes? We all went as ourselves at about the age of 75, thanks to a bag of wigs found by friends Jonathan and Rachel at a sale held by a local retirement home.








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7 Responses to Hallo-what?

  1. Joel says:

    Wow. Truly stellar you two!

  2. melanie says:

    I love that the 70’s suit made another appearance!

  3. Janelle Olivarez says:

    Now that’s scary!

  4. Janelle Olivarez says:

    Now that’s scary!

  5. Micah Lehman says:

    Tracey and Darrin got me hooked on your blog. Love it! I’m also loving the way you look at 75. Are you will to share your secret creme?

  6. Rachel (sista) says:

    I love you Macy brothers, but there’s no way either of you are gonna have that much hair at 75. ; )

  7. Kim says:

    I have to say… Molly looks a bit realistic. I can see her with that haircut in the future. She’s going to be a hotty in the old folk’s home. Seriously!

    Erin, love the suit! Great to see it come out again. I remember it from those college 70’s dances. You crack me up girl.

    So my final question… Will you post that picture of everyone on all your room walls when you are all living at Friend’s View? 🙂 I can see it now…

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