Fire Engine Red

As autumn approached this year, we quickly realized we had spent the past 12 months in a perpetual season of summer. We left the country as summer was dying down here in late September and returned as it was beginning to get warm again. In that time our blood thinned and we became much more sensitive to cold weather. The flannel sheets and extra blanket came on at least a month earlier than usual, we turned the heat on sooner this fall, and we are both more apt to be wearing an extra layer at any given time than in years past. We were actually even a teensy bit nervous for the autumn/winter seasons to hit us considering what wimps we have become.

However, we nearly forgot about the things we love about this time of year and that make autumn/winter completely worth living in the Pacific NW. To name a few… the Hood River Fruit Loop, great snowboarding at Mt. Hood, George Fox women’s basketball season, Cannon Beach’s Stormy Weather Arts Festival, the city of Portland all dressed up for the holidays, and the beauty of the changing leaves. We have one of the most gorgeous trees right in our very own backyard! And it’s fire engine red–we love it and each year we get to see the leaves change color we are always amazed at the beauty.

Although we are still bemoaning–under our breaths, of course–the dark mornings and evenings and the damp cold, we are doing our best to keep perspective and appreciate what this season has to offer.

Here are a few shots of our most gorgeous fire engine tree…




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2 Responses to Fire Engine Red

  1. Rachel (sista) says:

    Beautiful tree!

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