Thanksgiving – Part Uno – Arizona

We have established the tradition (three times in a row can count as tradition, right?) of spending our Thanksgiving week in Arizona and Mexico. Each of the past three years we have flown down the weekend before Turkey Day to Phoenix, spent time with our dear friends the Rickey’s, enjoyed some down time relaxing, and ended up at John’s sister’s home for some much-anticipated family time. Allow me to walk you through our pre-Thanksgiving day holiday time…

Stop 1: The Rickey’s
It’s been especially cool the last two years because we have gotten to see Debbie (who we are now referencing as “Grandma Debbie” for Sage) in addition to the rest of the Rickey clan (minus Jeff, sadly). It is such a treat to spend a day with these guys and this year they spoiled us with a Thanksgiving meal complete with the best sweet potato pie ever, homemade stuffing and gravy, and mmmmm….all the deliciousness of the Thanksgiving meal.

They are Oregon fans, if you couldn’t tell… =)

Yes, we did allow Jon to throw a very soft ball at our daughter while she was in the swing. She thought it was hilarious!

John and Sage had a few impromptu jam sessions. Who do you think might be getting a guitar for Christmas?!? shhhh…. 😉

Stop 2: Sedona
Our down time last year involved a full day at the Grand Canyon and a wayside stop at Sedona on our return trip to Phoenix. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVED Sedona last year and after the way too short stop last year, we made the agreement to return in 2012. We found a super place through airbnb with an awesome view of Cathedral Rocks. Our first day in Sedona we spent hiking Soliders Pass, napping, and then taking a very leisurely hike to the base of Cathedral Rocks (which we could access just across that creek in the photo, below). Sage was awesome and hiked about 1.5 miles all on her own that first day, with the assistance of her newly discovered trekking pole.

Day two in Sedona was spent hiking around Courthouse Butte on the Llama Trail–a very gentle, rolling trail that allowed Sage some more hiking time.

We hustled back to Phoenix in time to see the majority of nephew Bailey’s basketball game. He’s pretty much an all-star, if you couldn’t tell from these pics.

A highlight of the trip is meeting up with everyone at John’s sister’s home. John’s folks, cousin Krista, Dusty’s parents, and the Andersons all in one house preparing to head out together in the morning. It’s always a good time together! After a delicious meal at Pei-Wei (click here to petition we get a Pei-Wei in Portland! ;-)) we came back and loaded up a U-Haul trailer full of diapers, formula, clothing, and miscellaneous items bound for Juarez.

You better believe we slept good after that meal and some heavy lifting!

Thanksgiving – Part Dos – Juarez is coming soon!

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About this time four years ago we left on our around the world adventure…much has changed since then, but our love of travel has not. We got to spend eight days in Maui at the beginning of October and we quickly fell back into our [good and] old ways. Here’s a little recap, mostly in photos with a little commentary, on our week.

Day/Night 1

This was the sunset we pretty much drove up to. After a long day of travel it was an awesome greeting to both the island of Maui and our accommodations on the west side of Maui.


Day 2
Oh yes, this girl can sleep and sleep and sleep! At about 82 degrees most days, it seemed Sage found her optimal sleeping temperature. It was also ideal for her favorite outfit which involves no clothes or shoes.

We spent Day 2 at Napili Beach, just out in front of our condo.

Day 3
We trekked down to Kaanapali Beach/Black Rock Beach where we snorkeled and got to see this cool creature!

The harbor in Lahaina was a great spot to watch sunset on Day 3.

Do you see the look in this girl’s eyes? That is the look of someone who is having ice cream and shaved ice for the first time. She couldn’t say “more, please” fast enough. I think she liked it. Don’t get used to it, kid! That was vacation–back to our normal food now. =)

Day 4
After our normal beautiful breakfast of pineapple and egg sandwiches, we ventured to the other side of the island. First stop was Iao Valley/Iao Needle for a hike in the lush forest.

Stop Two: Paia Flatbread Pizza restaurant which was AMAZING.
Stop Three: Komoda Bakery for malasadas and macadamia nut shortbread cookies. Yum!
Then we headed up the Haleakela Crater to check out the volcano. The clouds had covered the entire island, but once we passed 5000 feet it was clear and gorgeous! (The summit is at 10,000 feet)

Taking time for a little maternity session…

We parked the van (which, by the way, we reserved the “wild card” car and all they had when we arrived was a van. Of course it couldn’t have been a convertible!) and settled in, errr, rather, chased Sage around the parking lot, until the sun started setting.

Impromptu 10 second nap on the cement with her blankie.

Day 5

John gets to surf! The waves weren’t anything to write home about, but it was fun and Sage and I watched on the sidelines.

Sunset at Kaanapali Beach


Day 6
Fun times at Oneloa Beach. This was the only day that Sage actually wanted to get in the water. She would run into the waves and was laughing and having a great time. Most days getting her in the water was by force, but on this day for whatever reason she was in her beach baby element.


Day 7
Road to Hana day! Starting off with a pool-side breakfast is a great way to get the day going!

Swimming at Black Rock Beach–a great stop if you’re driving the road. There are several home fruit stands with bananas, avocado, passion fruit (my personal fave), etc as you drive down to the park.

Views of Black Rock Beach

And the road after Hana. This was, by far and away, one of our biggest highlights and favorites of the Road to Hana and really the whole trip. Coastline, secluded, sun setting, untouched, mountains, ocean… it was exactly our style. We saw maybe six other cars the whole time. Minus the seven miles of gravel it was incredible.

John’s favorite shot of this tree, above; Erin’s favorite shot, below.

This is how we roll: diaper and mis-matched shoes…oh yes.

And back to the Flatbread Pizza in Paia; followed by Ono Gelato. I could definitely relive this meal.

Day 8
Good morning! Spent the morning at Kapalua Beach, the afternoon napping and the evening…

…watching some sweet surf just north at Honolua Bay. It was awesome. Guys were getting barreled, every ride was a beauty, and we had a great seat for it all!

Last Maui sunset…

It was a GREAT trip. Maui is a super easy place to be a tourist, we loved being warm all the time, the beaches were beautiful, and we came home very relaxed.

Below are a few lists we made of various things. Mostly for our own reference in the future, or if you’re planning a trip to Maui, you might find some ideas for yourself!

Best Food – Meals
Paia Flatbread Pizza – ½ Sausage ½ Kailua Pork and the delicious salad
Fish & Chips from Hula Grill beachside
Betty’s Cafe (Lahaina) for breakfast – banana nut pancakes yum! & beautiful ocean view
The Fish Market in Honokowai (zero atmosphere, but fresh, delicious fish!)

Best Food – Snacks/Sweets
Malasadas and Mac Nut cookies from Komoda Bakery were quite tasty!
Roselani Kona Mud Pie Ice Cream
Pineapple, Apple Bananas, Passion Fruit
Local Boys Shave Ice (Green Apple, Pineapple, Passion Fruit w/ Vanilla ice cream)
Ono Gelato (passion fruit/goat cheese & chocolate macadamia)

Favorite Beaches
Black Rock @ Kaanapali – good snorkeling, good swimming, mellow waves
Oneloa Beach – Sage’s best day in the water!
Kapalua Beach – good snorkeling, good swimming, mellow waves
Napili Beach – honorable mention for view and location

Island Music
1810 –  (yes that is the name of the band) fun island music at Hula Grill

Trip Highlights
Hanging out/Sunset at Haleakela
Road past Hana
Watching big waves at Honolua Bay
Kapalua Coastal Trail
Dragon’s Teeth Point (?) in Kapalua – saw turtles and dolphins

Good times with Sage
Running into/Jumping waves
Splashing feet on the steps at the pool
Going up and down the stairs
Her love of pineapple (has the lip sores to prove it)
Calling out “pool, pool” every time we went by one but she didn’t like to actually get in the pool

Next time (or the time after that)
Gazebo Restaurant – get there EARLY (we got there at 7:15am and we didn’t get a seat when they opened at 7:30am)
Drive second half of Hana again
Stay in Hana area/Area between Paia and past Hana was awesome
Surf more/different locations (check the surf report)
Book Napili Surf early so we don’t have to switch rooms
Seek out less plate lunch (except we need to try Aloha Grill); eat more fish
Don’t worry about spending days on Napili Beach
Go to the beaches just north of Napili – fewer people!
Check out Honokeana Bay for turtles
Look for early bird specials (5pm dining discounts)
Explore southern area

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“Tiny” Macy’s First Photos

Coming soon(er than it seems like it should be coming)!

Due date: January 18
Gender: It’s a surprise!
Plans: Hoping for the same routine as before–home delivery using our fabulous midwife, Desiree LeFave from Bella Vie Birth Center. Hoping the plan includes shaving a few hours off the last labor, however.
Names: Yep, planning to name the kid beyond “Tiny” but have yet to nail anything down for sure.
Differences this time around: Tiny tends to be quite active at night (which is generally the time that I am finally sitting down and relaxing)–Sage was more active during the day time (when I was sitting at my computer at work).
Sage’s Thoughts: Although she sweetly kisses the baby and knows there is a baby in mom’s tummy we are bracing for slight devastation on her part when Tiny doesn’t leave. Considering any time Erin picks up another baby or child she is not terribly happy about it, we are preparing ourselves.

So far everything looks great. Tiny is healthy and growing according to schedule (as am I!).

Two photos from our 20 week ultrasound (I am at 27 weeks, roughly 6 1/2 months, now)

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This girl LOVES strawberries! We spent some time in the garden this afternoon “harvesting” our berries…well, I harvested and Sage did her best to eat as many as she could. I am going to need to invest in some good stain remover the way this kid eats her berries. See for yourself…

Oh yes, we must eat the ENTIRE berry.

Just sampling…one bite from each.

My bucket (L), Sage’s on the right. She kept reaching into mine and taking bites and putting them in hers!

Love this one!

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One is fun!

We are now fully into being one and experiencing a new child…seriously. One week after she turned one she threw her first tantrum! Several days later it occurred to me that perhaps the reason she was getting upset was that she wasn’t getting enough food. It only took one morning of offering snacks every 15-30 minutes before we had our relatively content toddler back. Phew! I had started to worry that we were arriving early in the “terrible twos”!

Sage has yet to really say her first intelligible word, although she has a continuous babbling conversation going throughout the day, but she has several signs that she is using daily: help (her current favorite which really means “I want this”), please, food, more, water, dog, and all done. One verbal thing she does do consistently is bark like a dog. If you watch this video, at about 30 seconds in you’ll hear a dog bark and then watch her stop and bark herself. It’s quite cute!

She loves taking discovery walks. Picking up rocks, dirt clods, garbage, leaves, flowers, and other stuff along the way. Sage is a collector! Check out her stroller, loaded down with toys and books and her mouth holding a set of key.

We try to get outside every day and are often found at the neighborhood park where Sage has braved the big slide and so far has only gone down head first!

She still LOVES reading and her current favorite is Tanka, Tanka, Skunk! We picked it up at the library, thank to the advice of our librarian, Korie, and it was an instant hit for Sage and us.

We took Sage to Pacific City–her first time with toes in the sand! She wasn’t real sure what to think of it and spend more time being held or on the blanket. Gonna keep trying though!

Since we are trying to eat more these days and we are also trying to spend much of our time outside, those two often go hand in hand. Here’s a tofu-kefir-goat milk-banana-blueberry-raspberry-almond butter smoothie. Yum! Right? She likes it!

Sleep is always sweet…for all of us =)

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We Celebrated!

We enjoyed a day full of celebrating Sage’s birthday on Friday. From waking her up in the morning to the Macy birthday song (it’s not an original to the Macy family, as some were asking in the last post) to lunch at Red Hills Market (more of a Mom and Dad celebration) to Yumm! Bowls and party time with the local family, we rang in the start of another year of life with gusto. Here are a few video and photo clips from the day:

Lunch at Red Hills Market

Opening her gift from us--an activity doll, Farmer Fred

Pre-party Walk


Party Guests:

Aunt Rachel via Skype

Andra and K

Aunt Linsey and Great Grandma

Uncle Pete, Gum, and Will

Gus, Sage, and Gum



This video is so fabulous as she gets down and starts dancing!

Yum! Gluten free carrot cake with a coconut cream frosting. It was delicious! Sage’s first real dessert.

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12 Months of Sage

Happy 1st Birthday, Sage!

Yes, just like you, we cannot believe it that our girl is 1 year old today! A friend this week repeated something she had heard: “The days go slow, but the years go fast.” Amen! And we’re only on year one! We are continually amazed at our girl and most of our time is spent watching her discover the world. Best reality TV around! Tonight we will celebrate with family, remembering the day she was born, grateful for each day we have gotten to be with her since then.

At age one Sage spends her days walking around, pulling CDs off the shelf, tearing apart “her cupboard” in the kitchen, reading books (or at least a couple of pages here and there), spending time with her grandparents and Aunt Lins and Uncle Pete, climbing up into her rocking chair and trying to rock, walking outside and playing at the park, pointing, destroying structures we build with blocks, punching buttons on any remote or phone (real or otherwise) that she can get her hands on, and more.

This is our recent favorite shot. I mean, check out those eyes!


Here are a few of the photos that were runners up in the above photo display:





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