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We Celebrated!

We enjoyed a day full of celebrating Sage’s birthday on Friday. From waking her up in the morning to the Macy birthday song (it’s not an original to the Macy family, as some were asking in the last post) to … Continue reading

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12 Months of Sage

Happy 1st Birthday, Sage! Yes, just like you, we cannot believe it that our girl is 1 year old today! A friend this week repeated something she had heard: “The days go slow, but the years go fast.” Amen! And … Continue reading

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Labor Day

I am kind of thinking of today as my Labor Day in the very literal sense that one year ago today I spent about 20 of the 24 hours of March 1 in labor as Sage worked to get her … Continue reading

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If you have never been to the San Juan Islands in Washington State, do not delay, make your plans now. Seriously. It is a stunning and serene area that we love. John and I have been coming here for nearly … Continue reading

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11 months and counting

I know we always are amazed at how quickly time passes, but SERIOUSLY, our daughter is going to be one year old in less than 30 days. Holy cow, how did that happen? I haven’t been real regular about the … Continue reading

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Phoenix, Grand Canyon and Sedona

Part of the tradition we are trying to set along with Thanksgiving in Juarez is a mini-vacation in Arizona just before we head across the border. Last year we stuck close to Phoenix, visiting with our friends, the Rickeys, and … Continue reading

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Juarez in photos

Next in the “Going Backwards” series, we revisit our time in Juarez. The blog post shared just after we returned certainly captured our thoughts and the video of the house going up well, but I wanted to share a few … Continue reading

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Going Backwards

Sometimes you have to go backwards in order to move forward and this is one of those occasions. (Or, perhaps I am being inspired by Benjamin Button, which we recently watched for the first time…) We are climbing out of the hustle … Continue reading

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Amor por Juarez

We are getting our feet back on the ground after another great Thanksgiving down south of the US border. It’s amazing all of the activity, energy, thoughts, relationship, fun, and good food you can pack into such a short trip! … Continue reading

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Juarez Bound

Juarez, Mexico is not your typical vacation spot, yet we hope to make it the spot we commonly spend our Thanksgiving holiday. This year will be our second time back to a colonia about 30km outside of Juarez–relatively the same … Continue reading

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