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We officially named “Tiny”, Brynn Elane and haven’t really referred to her as Tiny since she made her appearance. Now seven plus weeks, she is anything but Tiny and has continued to impress us with her healthy weight gain and the rolls we continue to discover (Sage never had single roll so this is a new thing for us!).

A little bit of the birth story:  Due dates are always a bit of a moving target and this one was no exception. Sage had been 10 days late so we anticipated this baby arriving late, but were also kind of putting hope in the statistic that second babies tend to arrive one day earlier than the first. Brynn arrived 15 days post-date, but really, she was perfectly on time. The last five or six or seven days were tough, though, for many reasons: Sage and I both came down with colds; our midwife was very ill; we had to attend several extra appointments to insure the baby was doing well; and it just took a toll on us mentally and emotionally. Needless to say, we were more than ready for labor and I was actually kind of looking forward to it.

I was starting to doubt I would ever go into labor and had started implementing our plan to naturally encourage labor to begin. Had labor not begun when it did, the next step was acupuncture. So, after lots of walking, “membrane stripping”, more walking, and a little dance party, my water broke. Contractions started slowly which allowed me to rest and for John to get Sage off to my parents. Things picked up after Sage left as I moved around the house more to encourage Tiny to come on out. After 11 hours of increasingly difficult labor and lots of contact with our midwife, Tiny moved into position and active labor began. It was, as they say, “fast and furious,” and Tiny was born within less than an hour (a very challenging hour!). I couldn’t have been more relieved to be done with labor and waiting!

Brynn Elane was born at 2:27pm, weighing 8 lbs 4 oz, and measuring 21.25 inches. We chose the name Brynn, which means optimistic or hill (we prefer the former =)) some time in late December/early January, because we like it. The name Elane is after my grandmother and is also my middle name.

We were very glad, once again, that it worked out to have this baby at home and so blessed by the amazing team of midwives who cared for us throughout pregnancy, labor and post-partum. It was wonderful to celebrate a few hours after birth with our family over Abby’s pizza and root beer!

Things haven’t slowed a second since Brynn’s arrival–surprise, surprise! John was able to take nearly a month at home, which I was grateful for and he loved every minute of. He returned to work the first Monday of March and the next day he had to take off to accompany me to the hospital for a minor surgery to repair an umbilical hernia. Surgery put me back on the couch for about four days. We are thankful to be through everything and beginning to create our new normal.

Enough words, let’s see some photos! This is our collection spanning from day one (photos taken by Linsey Macy & one of our midwives) up through probably a week or so ago.

100. IMG_4036-Edit-Edit

Minutes after delivery

101. IMG_4360-Edit

Sage meeting Brynn for the first time

102. IMG_4459-Edit 103. IMG_4478-Edit 104. IMG_4556 105. IMG_4694 106. IMG_4717 107. IMG_9957-Edit 108. IMG_9974 109. IMG_9987-Edit 110. IMG_0072-Edit bw 111. IMG_0153-Edit 112. IMG_0216-Edit 113. IMG_0648 114. IMG_0273-Edit 115. IMG_0680-Edit 116. IMG_0327-Edit 117. IMG_0477-Edit 118. IMG_0488-Edit 119. IMG_0497-Edit 120. IMG_0517-Edit

One Month Photo

121. IMG_0562-Edit 122. IMG_0579-Edit

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