One is fun!

We are now fully into being one and experiencing a new child…seriously. One week after she turned one she threw her first tantrum! Several days later it occurred to me that perhaps the reason she was getting upset was that she wasn’t getting enough food. It only took one morning of offering snacks every 15-30 minutes before we had our relatively content toddler back. Phew! I had started to worry that we were arriving early in the “terrible twos”!

Sage has yet to really say her first intelligible word, although she has a continuous babbling conversation going throughout the day, but she has several signs that she is using daily: help (her current favorite which really means “I want this”), please, food, more, water, dog, and all done. One verbal thing she does do consistently is bark like a dog. If you watch this video, at about 30 seconds in you’ll hear a dog bark and then watch her stop and bark herself. It’s quite cute!

She loves taking discovery walks. Picking up rocks, dirt clods, garbage, leaves, flowers, and other stuff along the way. Sage is a collector! Check out her stroller, loaded down with toys and books and her mouth holding a set of key.

We try to get outside every day and are often found at the neighborhood park where Sage has braved the big slide and so far has only gone down head first!

She still LOVES reading and her current favorite is Tanka, Tanka, Skunk! We picked it up at the library, thank to the advice of our librarian, Korie, and it was an instant hit for Sage and us.

We took Sage to Pacific City–her first time with toes in the sand! She wasn’t real sure what to think of it and spend more time being held or on the blanket. Gonna keep trying though!

Since we are trying to eat more these days and we are also trying to spend much of our time outside, those two often go hand in hand. Here’s a tofu-kefir-goat milk-banana-blueberry-raspberry-almond butter smoothie. Yum! Right? She likes it!

Sleep is always sweet…for all of us =)

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