We Celebrated!

We enjoyed a day full of celebrating Sage’s birthday on Friday. From waking her up in the morning to the Macy birthday song (it’s not an original to the Macy family, as some were asking in the last post) to lunch at Red Hills Market (more of a Mom and Dad celebration) to Yumm! Bowls and party time with the local family, we rang in the start of another year of life with gusto. Here are a few video and photo clips from the day:

Lunch at Red Hills Market

Opening her gift from us--an activity doll, Farmer Fred

Pre-party Walk


Party Guests:

Aunt Rachel via Skype

Andra and K

Aunt Linsey and Great Grandma

Uncle Pete, Gum, and Will

Gus, Sage, and Gum



This video is so fabulous as she gets down and starts dancing!

Yum! Gluten free carrot cake with a coconut cream frosting. It was delicious! Sage’s first real dessert.

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3 Responses to We Celebrated!

  1. Rachel says:

    So glad I could “be” there, if only for a short bit. LOVE the dance-moves–can’t wait to see them in person! Happy b-day, Sage!

  2. Amy Moulton says:

    Hi Erin, John, and Sage,
    I’m so glad you all enjoyed a great birthday celebration. I loved all the photos and videos, and Sage was so cute dancing! That birthday song is the greatest, so much better than the traditional, and your family sang it very well. 🙂 I like Farmer Fred, too. I hope Sage enjoys him.

  3. LizW says:

    Best birthday dance video ever 🙂
    We should all get so excited during our birthday songs!!

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