If you have never been to the San Juan Islands in Washington State, do not delay, make your plans now. Seriously. It is a stunning and serene area that we love. John and I have been coming here for nearly 10 years (ever since we started dating) and many of the trips we have made have been with our dear friends (who also happen to be related), Derin and Andra. It was fitting, then, that they invited us to join them on Lopez Island in September. We had never been to Lopez and we just might not ever need to go to any of the other islands in the archipelago–it definitely captured us.

The home in which we stayed for the week was about a mile to the nearest beach/state park, Spencer Spit State Park. We made that walk at least once a day, often multiple times. The view from the home looked across to another island but was also the thoroughfare for the ferries. It seemed that any time you looked out there was a ferry either coming or going. I loved seeing this. We had mostly good weather (September is the secret month! shhh…) and were able to spend much of our time outside walking, biking, exploring, paddleboarding, crabbing, sitting, talking, and relaxing. We enjoyed living an island paced life for a week!

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  1. Amy Moulton says:

    I’m sold! The photo of the stars is so great! I love reading your blog and seeing all of your photos. 🙂

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