Eight Month Adventures

Yesterday Sage celebrated eight months of life. She’s an amazingly cool kid for being only eight months old. These days she’s crawling an awful lot; picking tiny pieces of whatever off the ground and putting it directly into her mouth (unless that paci is stuffed in there first); eating carrots, bananas, pears, avocado, apples, and peas; exploring her vocal range and discovering she can make her lips vibrate; pulling herself up whenever and wherever she can; and just this week she has started being intentionally silly by shaking her head back and forth all loosey-goosey like. She likes going to the park and swinging (but doesn’t like the slide), listening to John play the guitar and strumming herself, sitting at the table with us, and pulling our VHS tapes off the shelf.

At eight months she’s becoming well traveled. She and Erin made a trip to the DC/VA area to visit Aunt Emily and the whole family will travel together for her first international trip over Thanksgiving. She’s a pro in the car and has been hopping around to some of our photo shoots on the weekends. We are very thankful for a good traveler as we hope to make travel a part this kid’s life.

A couple of shots taken recently, highlighting her serious side:

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