First “Real” Food

This past Saturday, Sage got her first taste of something besides Mom’s milk. Starting with sweet potato, we are entering a whole new world! Not sure she’s totally a fan of sweet potatoes, but she is having fun with it. Thinking peas or avocado will be next…

This video is way longer than anyone wants to see (the first minute pretty much sums it up), but I was too lazy to figure out how to edit it down.

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5 Responses to First “Real” Food

  1. LizW says:

    Very funny! I love her expressions 🙂

  2. Amy Moulton says:

    Fun video. 🙂 Sage is so big now! I can’t believe how much she has changed since I visited. She is an absolute beauty.

  3. Holly Kirby says:

    So cute! Great job on capturing this momentous occasion! She loves her mom (every time she looks at you she lights up)…sweet potatoes, not so much. SUPER CUTE!

  4. Aj says:

    Josephine: “Be–bee!! Beh-beeee!!!” (Climbing into Aj’s lap to get a better look).

    Abel: “Aw!”

    Judah: “Who are that baby’s parents?”

    Aj: “Aw!”

    Just some live feed reaction from the Schwanzi household. 😀

  5. Rachel (Aunt) says:

    Oh me, oh my, Sage, how I love you! And now you are eating FOOD. Amazing.

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