Considering we are having Sage’s six month photos taken today with Jonathan David Photography, I thought it would be appropriate to post some of our maternity photos, taken by Joel Bock at the beginning of February, a mere seven months ago. Impossible, I tell you! Crazy to think when these photos were taken that I thought I was days away from having a baby rather than a whole month. Probably a good thing I didn’t know.

Here are some of my favorite shots (taken at Magness Tree Farm)…

John read Sage the entire Chronicles of Narnia series before she was born

Every night we would pull out the fetal stethescope and listen to Sage's heart beat

Not sure what we were doing here, except for dominating the photo shoot!

kill shot!

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2 Responses to Photographs

  1. Amy Moulton says:

    Really great photos! Thanks for sharing. I love the ones amongst the trees.

  2. Angela Rickey says:

    Loving all these new photos (and old photos) and posts!!! Thanks for sharing the pregnancy pics. What great memories for the start of your family. I can’t believe Sage is getting so old!!! Looking forward to meeting her soon 🙂 Hugs from the Rickeys.

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