You Asked For It

That’s right…you asked for it! We have been getting requests to post more pictures so, here you go!

Now three weeks old, Sage has gotten into a good rhythm of eating, playing and sleeping. Her favorite playtime activities include chilling out on the activity mat (awesome gift from Aunt Tami and Aunt Martha) and jumping (with our assistance). This week marked her first visit to Chapters (local coffee shop) for a coffee date with Aunt Lins and Uncle Pete as well as her first time on campus at GFU. She’s a total delight and it’s amazing to us that we get to hang out with her all the time.

Listening to Blame It On John during playtime

Hanging with Great Uncle DK

March Madness Bay-bee!

Activity Mat Fun!


Sage vs. The Laundry

Sage vs. Dad

Snuggling with Aunt Lins

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3 Responses to You Asked For It

  1. ggma Nancy says:

    message to your “laundry-in-a-basket” — stay cute until I can get to Oregon.

  2. tong says:

    great photos, thanks

  3. Amy Moulton says:

    I loved the update and photos! I look forward to meeting Sage soon!

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