Sage Charlotte-Rose

Miss Sage Charlotte-Rose appeared on the scene just over two weeks ago. It took all of one second for her to make us melt. We are completely in love. She has changed quite a bit already–we’re trying to keep up with the changes and document the sweet moments as they come. The past two weeks have been a wonderful time of the three of us hanging out, resting, recovering, and getting to know each other. We have been so grateful for the special visitors, gifts, delicious meals, and just the love and support we have felt.

Her stats…
Birthdate: March 2
Height: 21 inches
Weight: 7 lb 13 oz (at 2 week appt, 8 lb 4.3 oz)
Hair Color: Light Brown (maybe a hint of red, but hard to tell)
Eye Color: Blue
Interests: Eating, Sleeping, Pooping, Burping, Staring at her parents

We have decided that all future children (God-willing there are future children ;-)) should be planned around major, multi-day sporting tournaments. Seriously–when else would you have the time to sit and watch every game of March Madness? We’re three games into the second round and enjoying every minute.

Her Name
We started with the middle name Rose. John’s mom’s name was Margaret Rose and among the Macy kids it has been discussed that Rose is on the table for anyone/everyone to use when naming kids. We knew we wanted Rose, but we thought it would be cool to have our own version of it. We liked how Charlotte and Rose went together and then there was a bonus that Charlotte is a family name (John’s great-aunt’s name). The things we know about Charlotte Macy we really respect. From there we found Sage in a baby name book and liked the name, the way it sounded all together, and the meaning (wisdom). We practiced the name before she came and it stuck!

Moments after delivery. Thanks Aunt Lins for the great pics!

Getting weighed





Our midwife who "caught" Sage on her way out

John's finger held by that little sweet hand

Sporting the hat and snuggle sack made by Erin's mom

Sage vs. Dad's Shoe

Sage vs. The Skateboard

Sage vs. The Basketball

Sage vs. The Shoebox

Saluting Colonel Hatch

Doing more of this than ever before in my life!

For her aunts everywhere! (a gift from Aunt Lins)

Can't wait to see her real smile (not just gas) in a few weeks!

Oh those toes!

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13 Responses to Sage Charlotte-Rose

  1. Jaliene Hollabaugh says:

    She is beautiful!! Congratulations to you all!! 🙂

  2. Hannah says:

    I cannot wait to meet her! (Hopefully tomorrow?!?!) She is gorgeous and wonderful and making me cry…. =) Love to all three of you! ~Han

  3. Cherice says:

    Beautiful! Let us know if you need anything…food, coffe, play date…

  4. Beth says:

    I LOVE these pictures. 🙂 It is so cool that you had a midwife. I loved my experience with my midwife. I would love to chat with you and see how everything is going.

  5. Bryan Rupp says:

    She’s so beautiful you guys, I’m so excited for you both! She’s more competitive than I figured she would be but I hope she’s winning all of her competitions!

  6. aaron says:

    Love the Sage vs series! Great props, but Sage wins every time!

  7. ggma Nancy says:

    welcome little sweetness and light

  8. Rhonda says:

    Perfect tender joy.

  9. Dan LaVeine says:

    So beautiful & precious you guys! The pictures are great

  10. Denise Staley says:

    Loved the pictures…..she is beautiful….can’t wait to see her in person….
    Way to go guys…you made a lovely daughter…..

  11. Amy Moulton says:

    I have so looked forward to this post! I love it! I am so happy to read about you falling instantly in love with your baby girl. Thanks for all the stats and the thought process behind her name. You guys are too funny with the Sage vs. sporting goods pics, and your suggestion to plan baby births around major sporting events is a great one!

    Best wishes again,

  12. marie wilder says:

    Was just wondering and praying about your new addition and your new routines. Love the shoe, board and ball pics. Really love the salute to Col. Hatch. I am absolutely positive that is red in her hair. Aunt Marie loves your photo shoots…. I wish I could smell and touch though. I am sure mee maw (?) is taking care of that aspect. I am so happy for you… family is awesome. Enjoy your little herb.

  13. Rachel says:

    While these are wonderful (you’ve really made a cute baby!), I’m sure Sage has changed already. So from the aunt thousands of miles away — more pics, please!

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