Grilled Cheese Grill

As you can see, everyone was happy with the choice to head to Portland on Sunday for grilled cheese sandwiches. We have been hearing about this food cart called the “Grilled Cheese Grill” and have been intending to check it out and get in on some of the delicious, cheesy action. Our calendar has been fairly open the past couple of weeks as we haven’t wanted to schedule anything “just in case the baby comes.”  Sunday lunchtime found us without a baby and without plans so we headed into Portland with friends to see what our tastebuds could find at The Grill.

No one was disappointed in their selection even though our choices ranged from “The Baby Cheesus” to “The Shocker” to “The Jenny Lou” and others. Ingredients included jalapenos, bacon, havarti, pepperjack cheese, maple bread, beef patty, American cheese, colby cheese, etc. Everything was delicious and grilled to perfection. As a fun bonus we got to eat on the second story of a double decker bus, which has been converted into the dining room for the cart (see below). Fun all around! I love Portland!

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