Home Ownership

Some time in December we noticed our heat seemed to be running more than it should be (it felt like it was on all the time). John started investigating and noticed heat coming out of our crawl space. This inspired a trip under the house the day after Christmas where he discovered water inside the air ducts. After thinking about it for a few days and trying to figure out why the ducts were wet, he decided to go back under the house and see if he could determine the source of the problem. When he opened up the crawl space an underground pool was waiting for him to dive into–there was about a foot and a half of water. At that point we had our answer.

To make a long story short, the downspouts are plugged and are pouring back into the crawlspace through the drains that run under the house. The short term answer was to install a sump pump (the long term fix will be unplugging the drains, but we’ll have to wait on that until it’s a little more dry). But first we had to get all of the water out from under the house, fix the vents, and then put the sump pump in. Ah….home ownership… After talking to other Newberg residents, we realized we aren’t alone and this is a common issue.

Thankfully, John moved quickly on this job and got everything taken care of within a week. Also thanks to Barry for his help with the work! The back end of our house was in complete chaos with everything out of our closet, we were sleeping in the guest room, John was working on this almost every night after work, and we had every spare towel available for mud clean up. It’s been nice to have the project finished and we’re getting the house back in order. We were actually able to sleep on our own bed on Wednesday!

If you haven’t checked lately, you might want to look under your house and see what’s going on…or maybe you don’t.

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