After what felt like months of deliberating on which style and wood we wanted, we decided to go for it with the engineered maple hardwood floors (nail down). The day after we returned from Mexico, Sunday, we started the process of clearing out the kitchen, dining room, and living room (thanks, Robby and Pete for helping move stove, fridge, and piano); on Tuesday John and Nate worked on removing the trim and bringing in the wood to acclimate to the indoor temperature (thanks, Nate!); on Thursday Erin’s dad, Ed, Pete, and Derin (thank you, thank you!!!) helped John tear out the carpet and linoleum; and on Friday our installation guy showed up and laid down beautiful new floors in just over 8 hours.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the final result. We’re still putting the house back together from the chaos, but it was well worth it!

Here’s a little look at the before, during and after:

John is having [almost] too much fun sliding down the hallways. It’s now rare to find him walking in the house–when he has the chance it’s a running approach and a slide. =)

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3 Responses to Floors!

  1. Rachel says:

    Wow! Amazing transformation. The floors look beautiful!!!

  2. Amy says:

    Beautiful! You guys are ambitious when it comes to projects!

  3. Emily Routon says:


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