The Summer In Review

Here’s the overview of the past, nearly three months…


John seemed to do a good amount of wood working this summer. He scored a table saw at a spring garage sale and put it to good use making our garden boxes and Kubb games.

We went to our second Timbers game with the Rickeys while Jon and Jeff were in town. Always great to get some quality Rickey time in. Also got to watch some World Cup soccer with the crew!

Attended and photographed friend, Andrea Henning‘s, First Thursday, art show on Alberta Street. Andrea worked with John and Nike and is an extremely talented graphic arts and painter. She designed our business logo (soon to be formally launched), with which we are so happy


Welcomed a new family member to the world on July 8. Erin got to witness and photograph the birth, which was a huge honor and fabulous experience. We are so happy for cousins Derin and Andra Williams!!!

Spent a weekend rock climbing with friends Keith, Laura, and Tami at Smith Rock State Park. Perfect weekend to be out. The temperatures were in the high 80s and low 90s–ideal for morning climbing and afternoon cliff jumping at a nearby waterfall.

Enjoyed watching our garden flourish. It was a jungle–each box was consumed with the plants it contained. But, what fun!

Celebrated the marriage of Aaron Routon to Emily (now Routon) out at Tilikum.


Spent time with ones we love at Twin Rocks. They helped Erin celebrate her birthday and kicked off our summer vacation (the time we actually spent away from work and home).

Summer vacation and sixth anniversary celebration: 4 night/5 day backpacking trip in the North Cascades National Park of Washington State. WOW! Such a beautiful part of the country. This area is a must for everyone. The drive along through scenic HWY 20 was worth the 5 hour drive from home. More photos and descriptions to come on a future post (at least that’s the plan).

Capped off the anniversary celebration with two nights on Camano Island at the Blue Moon Beach House. Just the type of B&B we like – quiet, private breakfast on your own patio.

Started the fall preserving season with dill pickles! Still have to wait another three weeks before we can eat them, but, boy do they look delicious. Pickles were followed by peaches and soon, tomatoes! Started an unofficial canning club with Tami and Linsey.


Following tradition, we spent Labor Day at the fair with friends and family. Between us, we consumed our share of fair food–corn on the cob, corn dog, pulled pork, elephant ears, ice cream cones, blooming onions, cotton candy, milkshakes, and Hawaiian noodles. Grandma Williams, a youthful 91, tromped with us once again, proving she can keep us with the grandkids. The farm animals, Lumberjack Show, Hypnotist (way to go, Molly!), commercial building (that Vitamix demonstration was delicious!), and photography exhibition rounded out a very nice day at the 2010 Oregon State Fair.

Thinking September still qualified as summer, Tami, Rachel and I decided to summit Mt. St. Helens on Thursday. We ascended into wind, rain, and cloud, saw nothing but the edge of the crater and descended completely soaked and freezing, into much of the same. Did get a tiny view on the way out of the surrounding area. Definitely will have to try again in better weather and visibility!

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2 Responses to The Summer In Review

  1. Kim says:

    Looks like an amazing Oregon summer! And Oregonians know how to do summer right. Hope you ate some good berries for me. Love you all!

  2. Aaron says:

    what a great summary of your summer! loved the picture from each outing and activity, and it looks like John has tamed his table saw as I didn’t see any blood in the picture =)

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