Blue Lake Triathlon

After the “Try-Tri” and the Albany Triathlon, Laura and I were fully prepared to take on the Blue Lake Triathlon. Despite the three months of preparation and training I still found myself a bit nervous the day or two before the race. Thankfully, race day came and I was able to breathe calmly and think clearly, and for the most part, stick to the day of the race plan I had been visualizing. We arrived early with just enough time so we weren’t rushed and still were able to get in the water and warm up before the swim started. The race was great and fun, but HARD! It turned out to be a gorgeous day, which definitely helped the overall feeling. I think we are both hooked–once you get your time and see what other people scored, it’s not hard to convince yourself you could do it faster which means you’ve gotta sign up for another race!

I chose a couple of mantras to focus on during the race. One during the swim was “slow and steady.” I wasn’t trying to push myself too hard on the swim, I wanted to feel good by the time I got out of the water and I wanted to swim the whole thing without stopping. I did both! One of my favorite moments of the race was about halfway through the swim when I recognized that I was in the middle of a lake and wasn’t nervous at all! I’d say that was a huge accomplishment since I started training thinking that I might have to back float the entire swim part. I don’t think swimming will ever be my strong suit, but it was so fun to see the progress made over the past 4 or so months of swimming regularly.

Something Laura and I quickly realized about triathlon training is how much easier on your body it is than running, which was both our of primary form of exercise before this. Our bodies have definitely thanked us for easing up on the pounding. Also, the majority of the top competitors were in their 40s so it seems this is a sport for which the age for peak performance is ahead of us, rather than behind us. I think this will be a great lifetime activity–easier on the body, but fun!

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  1. Amy M. says:

    I enjoyed reading your account of your triathlon experience, Erin. I am so happy it was such a success for you in so many ways! And, it’s a good thing to get hooked on. 🙂 Maybe someday get back to being an athlete and try a tri!

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