The week leading up to Memorial Day Weekend seemed to be a stressful one. John came home on Monday and said he really needed to get away from the house for the weekend. We had been working a lot in the month of May–between photo shoots and house projects and our regular jobs, it seemed every moment of time had been taken up by some form of work. Mostly good and fun work, but we hadn’t had much time for rest. A weekend away from the house was just what we needed. I told him not to make any plans–that I would arrange something. By Wednesday we had a great little cottage booked near downtown Eugene and a list of possible ways to spend the weekend. On Friday after work, we loaded up the car with bikes, a kayak, our cameras, and a guitar, and headed south to Eugene. We don’t often think of Eugene as a getaway destination like we would the beach or Mt. Hood or Bend or some place like that, but it was the perfect spot for a weekend away.

We arrived in Eugene around dinner time and drove around looking for a spot to eat–we quickly found Track Town Pizza, located just across from Hayward Field and the campus of the University of Oregon. The pizza was delicious and the restaurant had a fun atmosphere as the place was packed with high school kids competing in the weekend’s state track & field championships.

Saturday was spent almost entirely on our bikes. We cruised down to the Saturday Market and then spent a leisurely few hours riding along the Willamette River on a 10 mile multi-use trail that goes on either side of the river. It was awesome! We managed to sneak in a nap after the ride and then rolled back down to the river and put John’s inflatable kayak in on a canal that paralleled the river and took us by some lovely homes. By the time we were done with our multi-sport day, we were quite hungry. Per the recommendation of a colleague we found the Glenwood Restaurant and enjoyed a simple and tasty meal, including their “famous” tomato-cheese soup.

Sunday found us back on our bikes riding out into the hills of Eugene on a course recommended by the owner of the guesthouse we were renting. A little more challenging than the slow-paced ride the day before, but quite scenic. We headed home after the ride, having thoroughly enjoyed our short trip to Lane County. There’s much more to explore on bike, river, and hiking trail so we look forward to returning some time!

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  1. Amy M. says:

    What a great weekend! I am jealous you visited Eugene. I have got to get there for a major track meet someday!

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