This blog has been rather quiet the past few weeks! A friend pointed this out last weekend mentioning it had been almost a month since we posted. “What?! That can’t be right.” Sure enough, weeks and weeks have passed since we last said anything. How does that happen? Surely our lives haven’t been silent for that time–actually it probably indicates the opposite. We do confess we have been two-timing this blog as we have been working diligently to maintain our Photo Macy blog. If you haven’t visited yet, take a look and see what we’ve been up to with the photography business.

As we do when we get behind, here is a quick overview in words and pictures…

  • Spent an hour one Saturday morning with friends who just got baby chicks! Their boys were enamored with the chicks, although they are still learning that all-so-important word, gentle. More photos on Facebook if you search for “PhotoMacy” you can find the album called “Morgans and Chicks.”

  • Cheered on a friend finishing her first marathon! Way to go, Tami!

  • Got more serious about training for the Blue Lake Triathlon (Erin) which takes place June 5th.
  • Prepared for our second maternity photo session by doing our own photo shoot around the neighborhood.

  • John has been taking classes at the Apple Store with Mac Genius and friend, Bret Vogel, specifically spending time learning a recording software, Logic Pro. This means he tries to play and write music at least semi-regularly. He has gotten good use out of the piano Erin’s parents are storing at our house while they travel the country.

  • Eating free of gluten, eggs, dairy, almonds, and soy! John needs to take these items out of his diet for six weeks to see if his head congestion which he’s been dragging around for about 8-9 months improves. We’re almost half-way through the six weeks. It hasn’t been bad! Our cupboards are full of things we don’t typically stock like tapioca flour and brown rice tortillas and are absent of the loaves of bread and baked goods we consumed weekly. I actually think we are both feeling pretty good! If you have any favorite “free” recipes, please pass them along!
  • Spent last weekend in Bellingham with family. We will share more about that soon!
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2 Responses to Quiet?

  1. Joy Hatch says:

    I’m so glad the piano is being useful! Old and out of tune as it is I know it longed to be played. Mom

  2. janelle olivarez says:

    Why is your brother strangling that dog? 🙂

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