Olympic Fever

The Olympics have been a particularly special thing for the two of us in our married life. Two significant events, over the past 5+ years of marriage, have occurred simultaneously with the Summer Games, forever sealing in our memories a media connection with important life events. The first event was our honeymoon and it was fantastic timing. We had a great routine down that included watching some competitions in the morning, getting out of the condo for the afternoon, and then returning in the evening to see the final broadcasts of the day. The second event was the packing and cleaning of our house in preparation for moving out and leaving the country. In those several solid days of sorting, purging, packing, and cleaning we had the TV on morning to night, hearing if not seeing, all of the action we possibly could. At the end of each night we’d sit down around 11pm in front of the TV, exhausted from the day and try to keep our eyes open so we could see the last bit of daily excitement.

John also has an additional interest in the Olympics as his group at Nike does most of the outfitting for the athletes and teams who wear Nike gear. Most times you see a Swoosh on a speed skating suit or warm-up pants or hat or down jacket, that has come from someone he works with in GPS. Some of the garments are custom fit for the individual and some are your run-of-the-mill S/M/L type of pieces. Needless to say, the GPS group has reason to celebrate all the work they have done when their work for an event like the Olympics is accomplished. This time around, John helped organize a 2010 Winter Olympics party complete with indoor biathlon and Nintendo Wii skiing. John also took on the task of rallying the “athletes” in an opening ceremony of sorts. (See photos below for explanation.)

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2 Responses to Olympic Fever

  1. Janelle Olivarez says:

    They don’t pay him enough.

  2. LizW says:

    That first photo of John is HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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