… thought I had published this on Feb 3, but just today am realizing it never went up …


I (Erin) have had a distinct desire, ever since childhood, to be different and to stand outfrom others. It is a theme that has run through my life. In middle school I proudly wore a pair of socks with the Fido Dido character on them and the statement, “Normal is Boring” and I think that mantra stuck. My fate was pretty much sealed and that life goal was punctuated with an exclamation point when I married John Macy–a man who keeps me running from normal at a brisk pace.

I have been contemplating what normal looks like for us and it has occurred to me that this is the first week since the week of Christmas that is “normal.” Christmas week brought us, well, Christmas, and a few days off of work. The post-Christmas week brought us stomach bugs and then more days off for the New Year celebration. The first full week of January I started a Mandarin class at PCC and my parents drove into town. Mom & Dad were here the next week making it a little out of the norm and we all headed out for a weekend in Texas which spilled into the following week. John and I spent that week recovering from a 13 hour flight delay and a subsequent head cold for John. Over the next weekend I left for a week of work in Seattle and returned this past Thursday night with a head cold putting me into a few days of resting.

February 1 marked the beginning of a normal week–we’re both healthy, we have the regular weekly stuff on the calendar and most likely it’ll last a week. As much as we try to avoid normal, it’s a relief to have a quiet and fairly un-scheduled week. As normal as we are, the instinct to fight against the flow still runs strong in us both and it’s fun to see the ways it manifests itself in our lives in big ways and small ways.

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