Leaving on a jet plane…

…don’t know when I’ll be back again… We thought we would be home right about now, but when we arrived at the Del Rio International Airport at 5:15 this morning we were informed that the first of two flights that leaves the airport was canceled due to the fact that last night’s incoming flight (one of two) did not make it as a result of heavy fog. In other words, there is one plane that flies out of Del Rio at 6:15am to Houston, returns around 3:30pm, flies back to Houston at 4:30pm, and returns to rest for the night at 11:00pm. So, we are taking it easy and making the most of our extra hours–John is trying to break his Wii wakeboarding record, we got a little extra sleep, finished watching “Up,” and are just hanging out. Hoping the fog has lifted enough to make the afternoon flight a go.

The weekend has been full of fun–a Hatch family gathering, reuniting us at the temporary home of Erin’s sister and her family, in Del Rio, a border-town in southwest Texas. It’s been good to be together. We have enjoyed catching up; playing games (freeze tag, golf, boom-chicka-boom, Chutes-n-Ladders); playing with Katie & CJ’s Chespeake Retriever, Boone; competing in Wii tourmaments; cruising and wakeboarding in the Amistad Reservoir; meeting and bbq-ing with Katie & CJ’s friends; and laughing a lot.

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1 Response to Leaving on a jet plane…

  1. Joel says:

    Sounds like a blast! And hey, is that selective color? =)

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