What a Decade!

Our past 10 years in review:

  1. Graduated from George Fox University 2000
  2. Erin finished Master’s Degree from Ithaca College 2001
  3. Erin worked at Indiana State University in 1 year internship 2001-2002
  4. John started working at Nike 2001
  5. Erin took job at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX 2002
  6. Started dating  2002
  7. Erin moved to Oregon and took job at Portland Community College 2003
  8. John gets new job with Nike GPS 2003
  9. Started the weekly tradition of “Family Night” 2004
  10. Got engaged and then married 2004
  11. Bought a house 2004
  12. Erin took a job at George Fox University 2005
  13. Grandpa Roy passed away 2005
  14. Erin started working on a book with colleagues from grad school 2005
  15. John ran the Honolulu Marathon 2005
  16. Grandpa Williams passed away 2006
  17. Traveled to Costa Rica 2007
  18. Decided to travel around the world 2007
  19. Erin continued writing the book 2008
  20. Quit our jobs and left the country 2008
  21. Erin published “Golfing With Your Eyes Closed” 2009
  22. Returned home from travel 2009
  23. Blessed with jobs at George Fox University (Erin) and Nike (John) 2009
  24. Started a business (more on this soon!)

Of course there’s tons of other things that fall in the gaps of each of these big items and should make the list, namely our families who have given us uber cool spouses, awesome nieces and nephews, and so many memories (Lins, John W., CJ, Dusty, Bailey, Marissa, Cassidy, Kylan, Addison, Paul) AND the amazing friends who have journeyed with us in that time–both those we still see regularly and those who we were with only for a season.

There are really so many more important and significant life events that have happened over the past 10 years. These have been years that have formed who will be forevermore–these are years that have truly shaped our beliefs, our friendships, our worldview, our traditions, our family habits, our relationship with each other, our passions, our careers, our lifestyle, and our goals and vision for our future. Pretty cool, hey?

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2 Responses to What a Decade!

  1. Kim says:

    What a decade is right! Think of what the next one will hold. You should make a list of what you think it will entail and then in 10 years pull it out and see what came true and what was totally crazy. Would be interesting! 🙂 Good reflections!

  2. Greg Lutze says:

    I miss you guys. Seriously miss you two- you are Awesome™.

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