Fresh Eyes

In some ways this holiday season felt like we were seeing old things with new eyes. Traditions we had taken for granted in the past were exciting again: freshly squeezed OJ Christmas morning, Christmas Eve service and the post-service Shari’s dining experience, stocking exchanges, our own gift exchange and “Christmas” a day or two after, lazing around with family in person rather than via Skype. It was good to celebrate together. We were especially lucky to have family from Philly visiting and sharing their holiday time-off with us.

The celebrating continued with New Year’s Eve–another tradition that was seen through fresh eyes. We hosted friends for a fun evening which included ping-pong, BINGO, a white elephant exchange, clanging and banging pots and pans, a midnight run, and a table full of delicious food and drinks. Again, it was good to be together.

It’s been great to have a new perspective on the usual things of the holidays and we hope to find ways to see this season with fresh eyes each year.







It ain't a party until someone's wearing a lampshade, right?




The guys gather around to find out where the child stars are today from Pete's People magazine


Midnight run... short shorts, gold leggings, and rain... great combo

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