Playing Out

After more than five years of dormancy, John “played out” last weekend at the Coffee Cottage in Newberg, Oregon. Invited by friend, skating buddy, and fellow photographer and musician, Joel Bock, John joined in with Joel and Adam Sweeney on a Sunday evening show that packed the shop out. It was great fun for me (Erin) to be an audience member for the first time as the wife and not just a friend. John is always writing new music and refining previous things he’s created and he was ready for the chance to let others hear what he’s been up to. His set list included a few songs from his Blame It On John days as well as his recent stuff. Some of the really new stuff I particularly love because they remind me of specific places in our year of travel where he wrote the song. I love the connection that music can have with memories…like a soundtrack for parts of life.

It was a fun line-up and the audience seemed to really enjoy each musician and their different styles. Thanks to friends and family who came out and showed your love and support! I am looking forward to the next show!


...Joel on guitar with a great trumpeter accompanying...




...supportive friends and family...

IMG_7436-104 with lights and Adam...

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2 Responses to Playing Out

  1. Joel says:

    Nice shots! And great playing, John! Merry Christmas you two!

  2. Kim says:

    That’s awesome John! Wish I were there to enjoy the concert. I think the last time I heard you in a setting like that was 2002 when I first moved back from China. Crazy! Looks like you all had a fabulous time! And you all are getting awesome at taking pics. Good pictures!

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