Kickin’ Off Christmas

Although the tree has been up for a couple of weeks and the house has been decorated and we have already watched Christmas Vacation–all sure signs of Christmas–we took the Christmas celebration to the next level the past few days. Beginning Friday night with a sing-a-long to White Christmas; carrying into Saturday with a family holiday breakfast at The Allison, seeing 300 tuba-ists play carols in Pioneer Courthouse Square, checking out the chocolate/marzipan/gingerbread building at The Benson and the memorabilia of the old Meier & Frank Santaland; and wrapping up with a beautiful service at Newberg Friends Church Sunday night.

xmas blog-4

xmas blog-5

xmas blog-6

xmas blog-1-2

xmas blog-7

xmas blog-1

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2 Responses to Kickin’ Off Christmas

  1. Joel says:

    LOVE the shot of Pete and Linz!

  2. Molly says:

    Really lovely photos!

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