Her name’s Jane Austen, but you can call her Mr. Darcy

greene-10Jane Austen is the given name of the Parents’ English Setter puppy but they really do call her Mr. Darcy (not going to even start to explain any further).  We had the privilege to dog-sit Darcy  while the Parents were out of town this weekend.    Like any good dog-sitters we tried to pack the weekend full of fun events. We took her to see the Vaux’s Swifts spiraling into the chimney at Champman Elementary School in Portland on Friday night.  Besides watching these cool birds it is an excellent people watching and community event. One of the most fun things is the hill covered with kids sliding down on pieces of cardboard. Although we joined in the fun for a few slides, we kept Darcy out of the kid-chaos. She did great in what we believe is her first Portland outing.

We enjoyed playing with Darcy in the backyard, trying to teach her new skills, taking her on a walk, and introducing her to a very cool brown Labrador, Jasper. Darcy is full of energy and we loved getting to dog sit–it was hard to give her back at the end of the weekend, but we know we’ll see her again soon.








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1 Response to Her name’s Jane Austen, but you can call her Mr. Darcy

  1. Kim says:

    You are getting so good at photography! I’m so impressed! Will and I might have to make a stop in P-town for a photo shoot. 🙂 And I would hire you even if you weren’t my friends. Love you guys!

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