On Our Minds

There have been quite a few things on our minds over the past few weeks. We are now both employed and are getting into the swing of the day-to-day rhythm that comes with a daily schedule. Of course, we’re trying to break the rhythm as we can and keep things interesting. There is never a lack of fun things to do or try or be part of around here! A few random things of particular interest…

  • We continue to work on building our photography portfolio in anticipation of the kick-off of an actual business. We are learning lots and have had a few more sessions to add to our experience. This weekend we realized that between August and September we have at least one photo session every week. Stay tuned for the official launch and more information!


IMG_9475 (1)


  • John’s birthday was this past week and we celebrated by going to a concert at the Washington Park Zoo. What a great concert venue! Amos Lee gave a great show and we had a super relaxing time lounging on the lawn. We had a “we love Portland” moment as waves of light rain came through during the evening and no one thought twice–umbrellas, rain gear, and a-little-rain-won’t-kill-me attitudes came out in full force and everyone had a great time despite the damp weather.


  • Canning class! Maybe it seems odd, but Erin and our sister-in-law, Linsey, took a free pressure canning class offered by OSU Extension and came away inspired. They canned 45 pounds of peaches and are scheming to do tomatoes next.


  • The mighty Air Force Thunderbirds were on display at the 2009 Oregon International Airshow, held at the Hillsboro Airport. We cruised over with Pete and Linsey, who knew the primo spot to watch without paying the $20 to get into the show. The four of us joined around 100 others in a field where we saw, heard, and felt the power of those F-16 jets. They were screaming fast and so cool to watch.


  • On a more serious side, we are continuing to pursue our concern for women and children worldwide who are exploited by the sex trafficking industry. We are looking ahead to an advocacy training session with IJM taking place in a couple of weeks. New legislation is coming before Congress that will work toward the elimination of this devastating exploitation of the most vulnerable individuals. We also watched Taken, a Hollywood movie with Liam Neeson that delves into one aspect of the industry and in which Liam kicks some serious bootie (we highly recommend it). Dude, I wish I could kick butt like that.
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