After a 30 year career serving the United States in military service, Erin’s dad, Colonel Ed Hatch, retired this week. The two of us, along with many other family members and friends met up in Virginia to celebrate his accomplishment. Erin’s parents put a considerable amount of time and thought into the retirement ceremony, a pre-ceremony dinner, and a week at the beach with family–it rivaled any well-planned wedding. It was a fabulous time of hanging out and playing as well as hearing about the significant difference one person can make in an organization the size of the United States military and the role he has played in so many individual lives. We felt very proud to have him as our Dad!

The time at the beach was a definite highlight of the week. We got to spend time with Erin’s sisters, brother-in-law, niece, cousins, aunt, grandmother, and others body boarding, hanging out on the beach, playing games, eating lots of good food, taking pictures of adorable children, and just being together.

Here are a few shots from the week:


The Whole Gang


Retired Colonel Hatch (on right) with former boss, Major General Allardice


Sister Katie, with niece, Kylan, who is showing us her age


Elli-Grace, daughter of cousins, Jason & Anna Claire

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