Family Night

One thing we missed greatly while we were away was Family Night. Family Night is a weekly get-together of our friends here in Newberg that has been taking place for over five years. There is no agenda at our Wednesday night gatherings–we just hang out, talk about what’s going on (as well as the hard stuff like religion and politics), usually laugh quite a bit, sometimes share a meal or sweet treat, and be part of each other’s lives. We have tried out other titles for the meet-up, like “Ohana”, but nothing else has stuck and really the name defines it well–a night devoted to being with a group of people who care very much for one another, give each other crap, and enjoy hanging out. Typically Wednesday isn’t the only day we see the “fam”–often there is at least one weekend event or get together. We have done all sorts of things from watching and analyzing documentaries (a group favorite) to annual summer camping weekends and New Years celebrations to a trip to Disneyland and an upcoming 4th of July in Idaho. We have loved being part of this community and they were tough to leave behind, but they have been awesome at welcoming us back in and allowing us to jump in where we left off. 


This past Wednesday, Martha, who is cleaning out and packing up her apartment, brought a bag of crazy wigs to Family Night.
We got a kick out of it and each selected a wig for ourselves. 


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