‘Tis a gift to be simple, ’tis a gift to be free

After nearly nine months of having only the items that we could carry on our backs and in our hands, it has been quite a shift to re-enter a home that can hold up to 1100 square feet of stuff.  We generally try to operate on the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid) and this move-in has been a great opportunity to put into practice our desire for simplicity. Of course, it didn’t help that our renters left us the gift of two months of cable, complete with DVR set up, but it sure has been fun to watch the NBA Conference Finals!  Although we purged as we packed up the house in August, we have purged even more as we unpack and are feeling more and more free! The system we are working on involves garage sale/giveaway, storage, and keeper groups. It’s so fabulous to have more free space in the house and we hope to to be smart about what we keep and what we purchase in the future. We do apologize if you notice that something you gave us is no longer in our home. Don’t take it personally–we can’t keep everything and we just don’t need it all. 

Through the unpacking process, I have often reflected on the way we saw others live around the world. We saw the whole range of accommodations from dirt floors, bamboo walls, and long drop toilets to beautiful gated homes in suburban neighborhoods. We aren’t feeling guilty because of what we have, but our experience has make us re-think the need for many of the things we own and/or the need for the quantity of those things. I find it funny when I look in our closet and know that just a couple weeks ago we only had a few items of clothing each. I wonder how some of the people we met on our journey would react if we brought them into our home and showed them all we had. I’m certain they would be quite overwhelmed and they would probably laugh at us when we told them that we are not rich by American standards.

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