Taking Notice

There is much we have been processing over the past two weeks we have been back in the country. Some things are heavier than others and it is interesting just to notice all of the things that seem out of place. We have been keeping a list of some of the things that have stuck out and given us reason to pause…

  • Toilets and just bathrooms in general here are amazingly nice.
  • There is a totally different selection of candy on the shelves. Where did all the Cadbury go?
  • Hearing American English has made us turn our heads more than once.
  • We have really soft toilet paper. When did they start making five-ply?
  • Drivers here don’t want to work together on the road. It’s been awhile since we have seen or felt road rage.
  • The roads are really smooth! We have tried driving over pot holes just to remind us of Kenya.
  • People drive really nice cars that aren’t banged up.
  • The internet is so incredibly fast. Wow, it’s fast.
  • It’s weird being on the same time zone (or relatively so) as friends and family.
  • There are public bathrooms everywhere and they are free and clean and you don’t have to bring your own tp.
  • We can drink straight from the tap or the shower head.
  • Customer service actually exists in the US and you can get refills on drinks.
  • Cars stop for pedestrians here. We don’t have to play Frogger with traffic anymore!
  • It’s a real adjustment to drive and walk on the right side of the street. We constantly put on the wipers instead of indicators.
  • No one is staring at us when we walk down the street. Surprising since John’s beard is still in full force.

There are many more things we have seen that have given us reason to pause and comment. We do have to be careful not to be critical and remember that every country has its differences, but that doesn’t make one better or worse than the other, just different. We are readjusting well and it has been good to have some time in America before actually going back to our home. It has given us a chance to ease into our transition. We are excited to be back in Oregon and see the journey full circle.

Our adventures aren’t over though so keep posted as we will continue to post!

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4 Responses to Taking Notice

  1. Rachel (sista) says:

    When are you guys back in Oregon again?

  2. Kim says:

    Looking forward to the high speed internet, smooth roads, and nice TP. I really can’t imagine it right now. I’ll drive over a few potholes for you this week in your honor. 🙂 Have fun going back to OR. I’m thinking of you and will see you in three weeks. Crazy!

  3. Krissi says:

    Love the Frogger reference. That’s the same thing I tell people about the traffic I encountered in Uganda, except that unlike Frogger, if you get hit, you can’t start over:) Hope your transition back into Oregon life is full of good space and understanding people who are genuinely curious about your trip. Wish I were there to hear all about it.

  4. Aaron says:

    Welcome home guys! Look forward to seeing you soon!

    -Lindsay and Aaron

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