Delays aren’t always so bad

imgp6512This morning, we got up early to get on the Metro and hopefully get into DC at a good time because we had lots we wanted to do.  We bought our day passes and headed through the gates at the Metro.  We both looked at each other as the gates didn’t open for either of us.  After two tries a guy who worked there passed by and asked if we had day passes and we both said yes.  He said nonchalantly, “oh, those things won’t work until 9:30 am.”  We were pretty frustrated, but after eight months of travel, we’re kind of used to having to wait so we decided to sit out the 35 minutes instead of paying the extra $4.50 each.  

As we got off on the train in DC we started walking towards the exit when someone passed by who looked like Jeff Rickey, a long time family friend.  I said his name as he walked by and as he responded by giving me a hug it was confirmed, it was Jeff Rickey.  He was in DC on business and we were lucky enough to get to spend a few minutes together catching up.  What a great surprise and definitely a highlight of our day.  If we had been on the earlier train we definitely would not have met up.  Sometimes delays happen for a reason and this was for sure one of those times.

Thanks Jeff for making our day.

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6 Responses to Delays aren’t always so bad

  1. Kim says:

    How cool! God gives us funny little blessings sometimes. Great post!

  2. Sherry says:

    My face hurts from smiling over this serendipity. And I like thinking about Jeff’s face too, as he’s no doubt reliving it with a smile.

  3. Rachel (sista) says:

    Wow!!! Like I was saying whilst attempting to make hokey pokey (what happened to that, anyway?), some things are all about the timing (and it’s not always the timing you were planning on)…

  4. Debbie Rickey says:

    I am so jealous . . . how wonderful for you all, though. Jeff is still talking about getting to see you both.

    Have safe travels back to Oregon and I will get my hug later!


  5. will says:

    hey guys – hope all is well. miss seeing you around – but hopefully will see you again soon? 🙂 im thinking that may be a reality sooner than later. take care!

  6. Jeff Rickey says:

    It made my day, too!

    Love, Jeff

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