Juniors Abroad

Nearly every May I think about where I was during the first three weeks of that month in 1999 and I get excited for the students who are involved in one of the best opportunities I had as an undergraduate student, Juniors Abroad. Ten years ago this May, John and I went, separately, on our first trips abroad with groups from George Fox University. He, seeing the ancient ruins of the Coliseum and the canals of Venice, and the snow peaked mountains of the Swiss Alps while I was visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Neuschwanstein castle, the remnants of the Berlin Wall, and the cobble stone streets of Prague. We had both signed up for the Greece trip and learned nine months later that the trip had to be canceled due to unrest in the area. As disappointed as we were to miss Greece, we are so thrilled for what we were able to see in other parts of Europe. We returned officially bitten by the travel bug, and not knowing our future travel overseas would include each other. We can’t say for sure one way or another if this current around-the-world adventure would have been a reality for us had we not had our Juniors Abroad experience, but that initial experience overseas was certainly a strong influence in our desire to experience the world firsthand. It’s neat to think back to those three weeks and realize that was just our first taste of the world.

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