Week 30

Our last few days in Kenya were pretty low key. Here are a few highlights:

Kenya Burning Photography Exhibit. This was a photography exhibit displaying images from the 2007 post-election violence in Kenya. We were very glad we went, although there were many disturbing photographs. The violence was primarily tribal clashes–it’s incredible the atrocious things we can do to one another.

Date with Kim. Before Kim left the US the three of us went on a date, so we figured before we left Kenya we should do the same. We spent Thursday evening enjoying a nice meal out and followed that up with a great flick which was set in and filmed in Kenya, The Constant Gardener. No this movie was not about tending your garden, but it does give you an idea of the Kenyan landscape and some of the social issues facing its people.

Masai Market. Of course while in Kenya we wanted to do a little shopping. Going to the market is quite an experience. You walk in with no friends and by the time you leave everyone’s your friend. Luckily Kim was with us and she helped us navigate our way through the maze. Bargaining is the name of the game and we don’t play this game very well. The trick is to name your price and walk away if you don’t like theirs. The real problem for us was we usually weren’t sure what our price should be. In the end we came away a little stressed but with things to remember our time in Kenya by.

Sleepover. At home we have had several sleepover but this was our first international sleepover. We crashed with Kim and her friends at Will and Joe’s house which had more than enough beds for all of us. It was a fun evening spent eating personal pizzas, playing ping pong, talking, and watching a movie. The next day we were treated to pancakes and sausages before we left. We look forward to our next domestic sleepover and since our bed is in storage, it will probably be sooner than later.

Kibera- We had the opportunity to go to Kibera, Nairobi’s largest slum where thirty percent of Nairobi’s population lives. Global Connections, the organization Will and Joe work for has a vision to build a secondary school in Kibera. We got to see the primary school that the secondary school will be connected to at which we got a panoramic view of the slum. Building a secondary school is very important as there are many more kids than seats available in the slums. We spent a little bit of time saying “hello” and “how are you?” to the kids until we started to attract too much attention and decided we should leave. The situation of the people living in Kibera is desperate and it was valuable for us to see it in person. If you want more of a glimpse, watch The Constant Gardener (make sure to watch the special features as well).

This afternoon Kim dropped us off at the airport and we set off on our nearly 40 hour journey to the East Coast. We are currently sitting in the Qatar airport on a 12 hour layover hoping for some recliners in the quiet room to open up–otherwise it’s the floor for us.

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2 Responses to Week 30

  1. Joel says:

    What an amazing experience! I think I’ll watch the flick tonight. When do you two hit the East Coast…and where? We’re still here, and it would be awesome to see you if you were coming through the NY/NJ area!

  2. Lins says:

    I can’t believe your international version of the trip has come to an end! How is that possible? But so glad you will be home soon! We can’t wait to see you (and to have a sleepover).

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