To Hell and back… and other events

Since our safari, we have been keeping busy enough with little trips and adventures, but have enjoyed having some down time preparing ourselves for our return to the US. It’s been a blast to hang out with Kim, but also get to know her friends and spend time doing things with them as well. The weekend we came back from safari, we headed out about two hours from Nairobi to a national park called Hells Gate. The reason for the name is because of the geothermal activity from the nearby volcano. We spent our day climbing through small gorges, jumping over streams of hot water, and scaling rock walls with Kim and her friends, Scott and Lara. We also spotted some wildlife–zebras and antelopes. We were hoping to see a giraffe, but weren’t so lucky.

The following day we enjoyed an Easter celebration service at Kim’s church and came home to feast on a potluck meal with a collection of friends. There wasn’t the traditional ham dinner we are accustomed to at home as ham is really expensive here, but there were a lot of delicious potatoes (the most popular potluck dish) and we contributed our famous (at least becoming so) deep fried bananas.

Later in the week we had the chance to visit a children’s home where Will and Joe, friends of Kim’s, work. Will picked us up at lunch time and we stopped by his place first where we met some of the kids who were out on the property learning to farm. The kids led us out to the field to show us the work they had done. As the rainy season is just kicking in, they are at the beginning stages of planting. There are 38 kids who live at the home full time and hundreds more who are fed daily by the feeding program run out of the home. We had a great time spending the afternoon with the kids, getting whooped on on the soccer field, and seeing the positive environment these kids are nurtured in. It was cool to hear that they are working on opening a home for abandoned babies and a school, on the other side of Nairobi, in the slums.

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