Miss Grimes

It has been nine years since we graduated from college and we have never seen any of our teacher-friends in the classroom. We asked Kim if she could be our first and she happily agreed. On Wednesday morning we were in front of her class sharing about our trip. Miss Grimes also put us to work. We facilitatedimgp6177 reading groups and helped with math corrections. It’s amazing what we have forgotten from the 5th grade! We also had the privilege of seeing Kim work with the kids on diagramming sentences using the Shirley Grammar methods. We had heard her do this many times with our family group and always had a good laugh at it. Sitting in the back of the class listening to them all diagram sentences, we had to be careful not to laugh out loud. It was also a little humbling as any of her kids could easily kick our butts in a diagramming competition. There were many songs she used as teaching tools which didn’t surprise us a bit as we had heard some of her teaching songs before, but when a whole class is singing about nouns and verbs you can’t help but chuckle.

It was cool to see Kim in action and note the respect she had from her kids and how well she managed the class. We ended our morning teaching time with hot lunch from the school cafeteria which we ate in the teachers lounge with some of Kim’s co-workers.

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1 Response to Miss Grimes

  1. Kim says:

    You made wonderful teachers! Thanks for coming in and being a part of my class. And if you applied yourselves, you could learn shurley grammar too! 🙂

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