Bauers and Beck in Bangkok

We planned for a weekend back in Bangkok before leaving for South Africa to get caught up on internet stuff and spend time with the imgp5313Bauer family. If you don’t remember or if you are a new reader, we were introduced to the Bauers through our friend, Tim Hyatt. They were our first point of contact in SE Asia and kicked our time off with a very memorable day. How great it was to meet up with them again for another fantastic day. We met Jeff, Jan, and Nolan, their son, at our original meeting place, the JJ Market, for some souvenir shopping. As we sat over coffee before hitting the shops, Jeff asked if we wanted to come over for a Mexican feast, including his homemade salsa (there is some debate between Jeff and Tim about whose salsa is better–Tim, if you’re reading, Jeff’s was pretty good, but we haven’t sampled yours yet.). We were so excited to eat good Mexican food–Erin had sworn off Mexican food until we got back home as we had some pretty bad dishes in SE Asia and New Zealand–but this was going to be a treat.  So after shopping in the heat for a couple hours and stuffing our faces with one last Thai pancake (the best one in all of SE Asia and we tried MANY), we headed back to their house.  The rest of the day was spent with Bauer family and Mint, their PA and family friend, eating chips and salsa, talking around the table, going for a swim in their local pool, eating an excellent Mexican meal, and finishing it off with a few rounds of Wii bowling, guitar hero, tennis, and boxing (which just about took it out of us).  It was the perfect imgp5321way to end our time in SE Asia and we were so thankful for their hospitality.

Our last hours in Bangkok were spent hanging out with our Aussie friend who we travelled with in Laos and getting our Kenyan Visas.  We met up with Beck at her hotel and our first stop was for a foot massage.  The three of us lined up and enjoyed our hour long massage.  It was the best one we had been given in Thailand.  We followed that up with one last Thai meal (pad see ew and green curry), waffles from the Skytrain station, and capped it off with some street vendor ice cream.  We needed to do this eating to keep our energy up for the walk to and from the Kenyan Embassy, which was at least a 1/2 a km away.  You can’t be too careful–you don’t want to get caught in a sugar low in the middle of a 1/2 km walk.  We then said our final goodbyes to Beck (until she comes and visits Oregon) and went to pick up our bags and head to the airport for our flight to South Africa.

After being in SE Asia for 2 1/2 months it was somewhat sad to leave, but at the same time we were so excited to see a new place and beimgp5336 with our friends in Africa. We didn’t realize how much we would enjoy this part of the world. It was a great place to travel and despite some of the minor transportation issues, SE Asia was a fairly easy place to navigate and is somewhere we plan to come back to and explore more, if for nothing else but to eat another Mexican feast with the Bauers.

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